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Executive/Team Coaching

As coach, I am fully committed to understanding my client’s situation. I listen deeply with curiosity, challenging and identifying areas for further consideration and growth. I bring a fresh perspective and new way to look at the discussion to help my clients move forward in a new light.

I support the client in achieving her/his the goals. As a coach, I co-create with the client an enhanced approach in achieving his/her goals. I hold their “agenda” providing feedback and encouragement, as well as asking the tough questions!

I bring to our coaching my experience in the Corporate arena, Project Director in the public sector and as a team builder and leader in the dynamic competitive and fast pace field of Real Estate. In all these areas, as main contact with both the "team" and the client, I have developed a deep understanding for the Essence of team driven by values and vision of what is to be.

My interest in Organizational and human dynamics in small and large environments goes back to my training in Organizational Development in the mid 80's and has permeated my continued formal training in Coaching at the Academy of Coach Training in Seattle. My intuitive sense of what is needed to strategically achieve what is bigger than each of its components/individuals so that full potential and magnificence can be manifested is supported by years of bringing teams to high levels of performance in varied types of environments.

Using the paradigm of coaching: a space of confidentiality, non-judgment and respect, where together we can bring to emergence the full energy of each individual and team for stronger organizations. I invite you to look deeper, and to this challenge.


  • Dissatisfied with your accomplishments?
  • Experiencing difficulties with colleagues within your organization?
  • Uncomfortable with your new position?
  • Want to develop leadership skills?
  • Responsible for a team/work group that is not working well together?
  • Faced with impossible deadlines/conditions for projects delivery?


  • Provides a focused, personalized development approach.
  • Is strength based.
  • Holds the client whole, capable and resourceful.
  • Assumes a win-win approach.
  • Models positive, co-active approaches
  • Favors corporate retention.
  • Builds strong, communicating teams.
  • Supports succession planning.
  • Develops potential and talent.
  • Builds strengths for use in all areas of a client’s life.
  • Work from the inside out to foster ongoing and lasting growth.
  • Builds results aligned with client values.

Lysanne Brault, B.Comm. | LBrault@LBCoachingVision.com | 613-748-3580
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